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We present you with a unique opportunity to invest in VOOVOO, an innovative startup that is revolutionizing the car-sharing and rental market. As the CEO of VOOVOO, I am excited to invite you to be part of our journey toward success.


We have an ongoing seed investment round of €300,000, at a negotiable pre-money valuation. Our team has developed cutting-edge technology that provides real-time vehicle regulation and enables automated speeding prevention, geofencing, aggressive driving control, and remote immobilization. This technology has the potential to significantly reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction for car-sharing and rental companies.


As we move forward, we are confident in our ability to reach our goals and become a market leader in the fleet management industry. We have a clear path to break even in about 16 months, and based on conservative assumptions we expect to reach over €18 million in annual turnover by 2027, with a goal of integrating at least 100K cars in major cities in the Western EU and the US.

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8B Gunara Astras str. LV-1082, Riga, Latvia

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77a Kostava str. 0171, Tbilisi, Georgia

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