We are a team of serial entrepreneurs, having worldwide connections with relevant industry players.
We have EIT-UM as a shareholder and other than Carsharing/rental companies,
we have customers both from governmental and private sectors.

Vakho Iashvili

CEO Vaho, our CEO, is a visionary leader who drives innovation and growth. With strategic thinking and experience, he guides us to remarkable success and delivers exceptional value to customers. His leadership inspires us toward a brighter future.

Giorgi Esvanjia

COO Gio is a skilled COO at VOOVOO, ensuring efficient operations and exceptional results for customers through strategic management and optimization.

Vito Kvachadze

CTO Vito's AI expertise and passion for emerging tech drives innovation and keeps us at the industry forefront. With his problem-solving skills, we deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet client needs.

Irma Arghvliani

Marketing Manager Irma brings vast experience and tech passion to drive VOOVOO's success and positive impact on the rental industry.

Tinatin Doghadze

Sales Manager Tinatin, our sales manager, is skilled and passionate about helping customers achieve their goals, providing a positive experience from demos to post-sales support.



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