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  • With VOOVOO, carsharing and rental companies can enhance vehicle safety by effectively preventing speeding, aggressive driving, and unauthorized vehicle usage. This helps to reduce the probability of accidents, damages, and thefts, which ultimately lowers the costs of insurance.
  • Cost savings

  • VOOVOO helps to minimize vehicle wear and fuel consumption by limiting uncontrolled use and unnecessary acceleration, which can lead to significant cost savings for carsharing and rental companies. Furthermore, VOOVOO's easy-to-install and easy-to-use nature ensures that it doesn't add any additional operational burden or complexity for the companies.
  • Customer satisfaction

  • By providing a seamless and positive customer experience through increased safety, cost savings, and improved vehicle quality, VOOVOO ultimately helps to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. This makes VOOVOO an essential tool for carsharing and rental companies looking to stay competitive and provide the best possible service to their customers.
  • Safe Driving Technology


    The technology monitors a vehicle's speed in real-time and in case of detecting overspeeding, limits the acceleration forcing a car to stay within speed limits. During this process, visual and sound signals are activated.

    By measuring the G-force inside a car the algorithm identifies aggressive (risky) driving and informs a driver by activating visual and sound signals. If a driver continues such behavior during the pre-configurated time the Immobilizer is activated automatically and stops the car in a safe manner.

    A fleet manager can create an artificial geofence in the tracking platform and if the car leaves the area, the visual and sound signal is activated to inform a driver to return inside the operational boundaries, if the driver won't return in pre-configurated time, the Immobilizer is activated automatically and stops the car in a safe manner.

    Immobilizer can be activated through a tracking platform, it starts acting immediately and will stop a car in a safe manner. All functions of the car will remain on, unlike other existing solutions on the market that completely turns off all electronics of the car and are not activated until a driver stops the car himself.

    By minimizing unnecessary acceleration and by keeping a car under a speed limits a vehicle consumes the minimum possible fuel, reaching fuel economy of up to 20% in such low fuel consumption cars like the Toyota Prius.

    By regulating vehicles' maximum speed, uncontrolled use, and limiting aggressive driving, we are decreasing vehicle wear.


    In the case of Pro Pack return your investment in about 8 months, only from fuel economy


    €220 /one-time
    X Installation not included

    Starter pack

    €15 /month
    • Limiting operational areas based on polygons (unlimited polygons)

    Basic pack

    €22 /month
    • Speeding prevention based on polygons
    • Limiting operational areas based on polygons (unlimited polygons)

    Pro pack

    €25 /month
    • Speeding prevention (Automatic)
    • Aggressive driving prevention (Automatic)
    • Limiting operational areas based on polygons (unlimited polygons)

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