You don’t need to own a private car anymore, because you can drive any car you want.

Simply, download the app!

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1. Download the App
Download the app and register to become a member of our shared community.
2. Find a car
There are so many cars and offers, use the map to choose the one that fits your needs most.
3. Book a car
Book a car instantly, or use a calendar to book a car for the period you need it.
4. Start the drive
Reach the car, check if everything is OK, take a photo of it and you can start the ride. Keys are in the car.
5. Driving the car
Please, remember, that all the cars belong to people like us, so please take care of them, drive carefully and keep it clean. You can drive everywhere except the No-go Zones.
6. Ending the drive
You can park the car only in Parking (Green) or Bonus (Yellow) zones. You will not be able to finish your ride in the No Parking zone (Red). Parking at Bonus Zones gives you a 15% cashback!
7. Share your feedback
We really value your feedback! Please, share your experience with us, so we can improve our services.